Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I lived a “normal” mundane existence but always had an inner knowing that there was something more. Growing up I suffered severe depression, anxiety, bipolar, identity loss and suicidal attempts. I lived in a state of struggle, lack and victimhood. After hitting rock bottom, I decided I would change my reality. I took small steps to do so which created a transformation and rise in consciousness. I turned to yoga, meditation, plant based living, holistic health, self-development and art.


I attracted what I thought was my “goal” or “dream life”, I finished university, was working a well-paying corporate job, with a clear path & opportunities in front of me, towards more “success”. I moved into my own apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and began freelancing. I had everything, right? Wrong. I quickly learned that this burnt-out path was not the one I would stay on. It was not true to me. It was not MY path, but a path created by the system that I had been conditioned to follow due to fear and self-limiting beliefs.


I quit.


I quit my job, I quit the sproutings of a new business, I quit my apartment. I said goodbye to material possessions, packed up the remainings of my life into a 50lt backpack and got on a plane alone with no plan and a one-way ticket to India via Indonesia.


I completed 200hr teacher training in Goa India, spent time in Vipassana mediation at a Buddhist monastery in Northern Thailand and was guided by my intuition back to India and to the Himalayas. Here I was drawn to an authentic living master, Anand Mehrotra and completed a 300hr teacher training with him, an experience that completely revolutionised my life.


Since living from my intuition I found myself in a state of Kriya, or “flow”. I am now based in Byron Bay, Australia, where I teach, empower and heal. 

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