Self-Empowerment Coaching  

Self-Empowerment coaching is for those who are ready to embody their highest self.


You will not only receive wisdom, guidance and support, but actionable techniques and practices that will empower you to revolutionise your experience and quality of life.   


The holistic coaching I provide works on all layers and aspects of yourself and life, including physical, energetic, mental and spiritual as all are interconnected. Balancing and aligning each aspect of your being opens a doorway for true transformation. 


How you show up in the outer world begins with how you show up in your inner world; in your mind, body, spirit and in your choices moment to moment. Are your choices, actions and thoughts evolutionary or of self-sabotage?


Invest in getting your inner world in alignment so you can live in a state of Truth, Pure Consciousness & Bliss.

Book a free 20-minute discovery session with me

A self-empowerment session can support you in the following....

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Self-inquiry

  • Gaining clarity and direction  

  • Goal setting  

  • Removing barriers and blockages

  • Re-wiring self-sabotaging thought patterns

  • Transmuting self-limiting beliefs 

  • Taking action towards your vision

  • Self-love practices   

  • Conscious Relating (Family, Friends, Partners) 

  • Evolutionary Sex  

  • Increasing self-esteem / confidence building

  • Manifestation 

  • Accessing the Flow State 

  • Intuition

  • Chakra balancing 

  • Physical health

It can also look like you receiving initiation into a personal practice...


  • Himalayan Meditation Initiation

  • Breathwork & Kriya Personal Practice 


Or us co-creating a daily ritual/s that empower you

Sometimes we need support and guidance to discover what is already within us. In working with me you will gain a number #1 support that will empower you to embody your highest self. 


No one can “fix” you, ultimately you must fix yourself. You must truly want to change your experience in this life. However accessing powerful techniques, Vedic and Tantric transcendental wisdom, blended with modern knowledge and first-hand experience, can inspire and support you in changing your life. 

This is what I would love to offer.


Book a free 20-minute discovery session with me


Then we can decide which course best suits you...

Offered in person or online via zoom



Privacy: Coaching sessions are a safe and sacred space for you to be your authentic self. Everything discussed is kept 110% private.  

"Everything lies within you, I am just here on your path to help you tap back into your highest self"

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