The Shakti Flow was birthed to empower you to access your infinite potential, live in a state of love and experience BLISS.

To support you to stand in your fierce power with a strong spine, while remaining soft and open in your heart.

To guide you to connect to your intuition and cosmic self, while staying grounded and embracing the human experience.


Humans need love and connection. Unity is what we are in our truth. Whether you’re male or female, we encompass both the masculine and feminine. Society is in desperate need of the loving, sensitive, vulnerable, nurturing feminine.

Our masculine driven societal conditioning and pressure creates limited, disempowered, fear based living.

I am dedicated to empowering you to live from love. This is the gateway to access your infinite potential and the life experience you desire.


By connecting with The Shakti Flow, in classes, workshops or deeply immersing yourself with private sessions (in person or online), you can access techniques and wisdom that will bring you home to yourself.


A soul in a human suit, guided by intuition and living intentionally to support a rise in consciousness in individuals and the greater whole. I am here to share my journey and as a vessel for greater natural intelligence to run through me and meet you, so you too can feel empowered to connect your true self and live in bliss.

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